The Diabetes Midwife

Jessica Lynn, CNM, CDE

Education and Support for Pregnant Women with Diabetes

I am a nurse midwife, diabetes educator and health coach in New York City. My passion is helping women with diabetes in pregnancy. Living with type 1 diabetes, delivering more than 1300 babies and having two of my own make me uniquely qualified for my life's work.  

I have a BA in women's studies and biology from University of California as well as a BSN and MSN in nurse midwifery from Columbia University. This provided a great diving board for work in women's health. Throughout my 20 year career at institutions such as the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center of Columbia to public hospitals from Brooklyn to Jamaica to Guatemala, I've worked with thousands of women with diabetes in pregnancy. 

My expertise includes policy development, eduction and research. I provide professional education in both obstetrics and endocrinology. I have written on preconception with type 1 diabetes and was featured in Columbia Nursing magazine. A firm believer in the benefits of remote access to health care, I am involved as a professional advisor in a women's health telemedicine company. 

The greatest privilege and love of my career is caring for women from preconception through post partum. I am devoted to supporting women with diabetes to have healthy pregnancies and births on their own terms. 

I have the great fortune of being married to a wonderful man with type 1 diabetes. We live in Brooklyn and can be found walking, swimming and wandering the farmers market with our children.